Social Media Analytics Services

Elevate social media impact through advanced analytics across all platforms.

Service Features

Kpability's Social Analytics Reporting Services offer regular or on-demand data, analytics, and insights for all your social media channels enhancing your Social Media Marketing efforts. Our Advanced Social Media Analytics Reporting Service streamlines data collection and delivers monthly performance insights.


Performance reports and insights

Insights via social media Tools and Social Media Monitoring Software


Flexible Reporting

Monthly, Weekly, On-Demand


Multi-Channel Coverage

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Optional Dashboards

Optional Dashboards for Enhanced Visibility

Benefits and Advantages

Timely Data Access

Reports delivered promptly for strategic decision-making.

Expert Insights

Our specialists provide accurate and actionable social media insights.

Comprehensive Audits

On-demand reports offer detailed brand analysis, including competitors.

Global Standards

Leveraging industry-leading methodologies in social media analysis.

Cost-Effective Analytics

Enjoy robust insights at affordable fees.

Social Media Analytics Packages


Social Media Audit Advanced (Annual)

  • Report on 30+ Social Metrics for 4 Social Media Profiles
  • Overall Channels and Community Summation Report
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semestral, or Year to Date Performance
  • Competitor Benchmarking Key Insights
  • Dashboard View as an additional option
  • Dedicated Account Analyst
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Social Media Audit On-Demand (One-time)

  • Report on 30+ Social Metrics for 4 Social Media Profiles
  • Overall Channels Insights Summation
  • Competitor Benchmarking Key Insights
  • Industry Benchmarking Insights
  • Overall Community Insights
  • Quarterly, Semestral, or Year to Date Performance
  • Great for period reviews and strategy checkpoints
  • Dedicated Account Analyst

*Annual Subscription
**One-time payment

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