Case Study - Loyalty Program

Customer Experience Management for the most popular Retail Loyalty Program in the country

The client is a subsidiary of the largest retail conglomerate with hundreds of the largest shopping malls sprawled all over the country. Within each of these malls are company subsidiary retail companies that manage specific retail category stores. These include “category killers” such as department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, furniture stores, toys, convenient stores, pharmacies, and fashion. All put together, their store footprint is in the thousands and their retail real estate is in the hundreds of thousands.  The client subsidiary manages the conglomerate’s collective retail loyalty program which is arguably the most popular retail loyalty program in the country. It boasts of a membership base in the several millions, hence, much of the retail groups marketing efforts revolve around these key customers who purchase from the retailer to earn points that can be used as discounts on future purchases.


The client engaged Kpability for consulting services to help improve the omni-channel customer engagement. The Kpability team deployed a best-of-breed Customer Experience Management solution. As part of the implementation process, consulting services and training on omni-channel customer journeys were conducted to help the client team use and maximize the benefits from the CEM solution. For several years, the client team worked alongside an on-premises Kpability team to assist several business retail groups design and deliver hundreds of omni-channel, multilayered campaign journeys, to bring information and engage the retail groups’ most loyal customers.