Business Intelligence Services

Manage what you see and see the outcomes of what you measure.

Service Features

Kpability's Business Intelligence empowers small and mid-market companies with competitive analytical prowess, offering rapid access to essential KPI data through user-friendly, device-accessible dashboards.


Business Intelligence Software: Powerful KPI Dashboards


Secure Login for Business Intelligence Tools


Web and Mobile Access


Instant Data via Dashboards


Robust Security in BI Platform

Benefits and Advantages

Swift Deployment

Dashboards live in days with data visualization and embedded analytics software, extracting immediate value from your data.


Minimize upfront investment with our rapid deployment, making Business Intelligence accessible without significant financial outlays.


Leverage our multi-industry expertise for diverse, model-specific dashboards, ensuring relevance and effectiveness for your business.

Cash-Flow Friendly

Opt for monthly payment flexibility with annual subscriptions, managing your cash flow effectively.

Business Intelligence Packages

Special Packages for Small and Mid-Market Companies
All packages are priced as an annual subscription.



  • 1 BI user
    • Access comprehensive business insights with a single user account.
  • Up to 3 dashboard pages
    • Visualize key data points across your organization through three customizable dashboard pages.
  • Enjoy web and mobile accessibility.
    • Access your business intelligence seamlessly from both web browsers and mobile devices.
  • 24/7 web and mobile access


  • 3 BI users
    • Expand collaboration with three dedicated user accounts for enhanced data analysis.
  • Up to 5 dashboard pages
    • Extend your analytical capabilities with up to five customizable dashboard pages.
  • 24/7 access your dashboards on web and mobile devices.


  • 5 BI users
    • Enhance your team's analytical capabilities with up to five dedicated user accounts.
  • Up to 10 dashboard pages
    • Unlock in-depth insights with a generous allocation of up to ten customizable dashboard pages.
  • Extensive analytics
    • Access advanced analytics tools to delve deep into your data and extract meaningful business intelligence.
  • With web and mobile access, round-the-clock availability, and support.

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