Loyalty 2.0 — From analytics to insight to customer engagement for PJLI

With well over 10 million customers availing of their various financial products, the client needed to find a competitive advantage within the financial services industry wherein every player was moving quickly along digital transformation initiatives. Kpability worked with the client’s executive team to enhance and structure their digital strategy based on their “brick and click” agenda primarily hinged on their loyalty program. Kpability provided extensive customer analytics and redesigned and redeveloped their loyalty program along the principles of customer centricity, customer analytics and customer experience management. Subsequently, Kpability provided an omni-channel marketing automation solution together with customer analytics and campaign management services to get the client organization up to speed along the customer experience management function and discipline.

Services Provided

  • Integrated Customer Profile (ICP)
  • Customer analytics and insights
  • Customer Profiling and Value Segmentation, RFM
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Loyalty program re-design, development and roadmap
  • Customer Experience Management roadmap
  • Loyalty 2.0 and CEM strategy execution and campaign management services
  • Omni-channel Marketing Automation solution and implementation
  • Campaign Data Mart
  • Managed Services along Customer Analytics and Campaign Management
  • Customer Data Management and Data Governance