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Customer Management Strategy Consulting

Our Customer Strategy Consulting group can help you target, win and engage your customers.

Data Analytics

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Customer Interaction Management

Successfully executed customer strategies are the ones that work hand-in-hand with technology

Digital Customer Experience Management

To meet your constantly digitally engaged customer, you need not only be digitally savvy but more so, digitally enhanced.

Our Client Cases

Omni-channel Customer Engagement for a large
and extensive Loyalty Program

This client possesses the largest and most engaged loyalty program in the country covering hundreds of retail categories and brands with a location network spanning across the entire archipelago.

With millions of customers, thousands of brands, hundreds of retails stores and branches, and an extensive partnership community, one can imagine the web of complex integrated marketing functions that an advance marketing department needed to manage. Throw into that mix the need for omni-channel customer engagement. They turned to Kpability to help them build, manage and execute their marketing campaign management and omni-channel customer engagement program.


  • Online Analytics
  • Campaign Management and Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management solution configuration and data modelling
  • Complex Campaign workflow development
  • Management and development of marketing campaign management team
  • Training and development of marketing team on omni-channel campaign management
  • Training and development of marketing team on online analytics

CRM drives sales growth for Leading Real Estate Developer

One of the largest and most innovative real estate developers in the country, this client prides itself in raising the standard of living spaces by creating a community that seamlessly blends residences, work spaces and lifestyle hubs. All of this with its signature of innovation, exclusivity and unparalleled quality.

With robust development and nationwide expansion of its lifestyle community projects, management needed an efficient, effective and considerably inexpensive CRM and salesforce automation solution that would drive the sales efforts of its over 100 strong sales force.


  • CRM customization and implementation
  • CRM solution
  • CRM training

CRM/Loyalty Management Strategy, Roadmap
Development and Deployment for a Retail Client

The client is one of the country’s largest retailers, known for containing many house of brands. It pioneered stores-within-a-store concept, allowing for one-stop shopping.

Concerned with decline in sales and loss of customers to competition, this client wanted to further enhance its competitive advantage by becoming far more customer-centric than either its previous competence or than any of its competitors.


  • CRM Strategy
  • Customer Analytics
  • Customer Loyalty Analytics
  • CRM Roadmap Development
  • CRM Solutions Customization & Deployment

Customer Analytics for a Cable TV Provider

The client is the Philippines’ number one cable TV provider,  with over 500,000 subscribers throughout the entire country. Wanting to move from packaged cable TV subscription to selling channels individually, the focus was on finding the ideal channel mix for each customer and the most successful priority order for offers.


  • Purchase propensity modeling
  • Customer analytics
  • Next Best Offer
  • Sequence analysis

The client is a telecommunications company serving various areas in the country. It provides various data and communications services such as dedicated domestic and international leased lines, frame relay services, Internet access, and other managed data services.

With customer attrition being a big problem among telcos, the client wanted to focus on churn reduction among their subscribers.

“Analytic insight allowed us to prioritise effort and delivered an incredibly significant reduction in churn,”
-Head of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The client is the one of the largest logistics companies in the Philippines. They provide wide array of services including: sea and air cargo, door-to-door delivery, online money remittance and bills payment.

Transitioning from a transaction centric company to a customer centric company they desire to identify who are their customers. From 200 million transactions they wanted to extract unique customers or to have a Single Customer View (SCV). For analytics, it was a challenge to shift from their transactional, business intelligence  approach into a more customer centric approach: segmenting and profiling customers who exhibit the same behavior, and in particular, customers who are likely to churn.


  • Data Quality Services
  • Customer Analytics
  • RFM Analysis
  • Segmentation and profiling
  • Churn Model

Although unknown to consumers, The client is the Philippines‘ largest and leading car distributor in the country with over  30 different car brands, models and variants.  Its distribution network spans over 25 retail outlets across the country.

Having many customers,  across different brands and products, it can be difficult to build a lasting relationship with the customers. The relationship with the customers is not concrete and the relationship moves from person to person from pre-sales, sales, and maintenance.


  • CRM Roadmap Development
  • Strategic Consulting

The client, a multinational insurance company and one of the oldest insurance companies in the country, offers a range of individual and group products including whole life insurance , endowment plans, health insurance and variable life insurance .

In an industry where customer acquisition has been the bread and butter of the business, the company, spearheaded by the Marketing group, wanted to understand its customers not in terms of the usual external marketing researches but by mining into its current customer base.

The company neither had the tools nor the capability to produce insight from its customer database and commissioned Kpability to do customer analytics and segmentation with focus on key areas such as lapse and product holdings.


  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation
  • Lapse Model
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Product Holdings (Next Product Analysis)

The client is one of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, with over 30 brands under its wing.  Its portfolio includes some of the biggest prescription and consumer healthcare brands in the country.

With growing database size, from different sources and formats,  they wanted to effectively manage the flow of information from data capture to discovery. Their goal is to integrate all these data, cleanse it and have it ready for analysis. One big challenge for the client’s analysis goals is that they don’t have customer data readily available to them.


  • Data cleansing – profiling, normalization, deduplication
  • Customer analytics
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Next best product

The client is one of the biggest and most successful coffee shops in the country and the world, offering over 40 kinds of tea and coffee varieties  served  in over 50 branches across the country.

After the launch of their loyalty program, the successful restaurant chain did not know what to do with the data captured through the loyalty program. With rewards redemption at less than 10%, the client needed more insight into their customers, specifically segmenting their customers based on their purchase and redemption behavior.


  • Customer analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • RFM analysis
  • Redemption analysis

The client is one of the largest banks in the country offering a wide range of  innovative banking products and services, including consumer and business loans, with  over 250 branches and over 400 in-branch and offsite ATMs all over the country.

The Bank, after succeeding years of record breaking growth in key areas of the business realize that the next opportunity for growth lies on how effective and efficient it relates to the customer and in effect increase the value of its customer base.

Being one of the major players in consumer loans, the bank set its eyes on understanding their consumer loans customers. As a start,  the bank wanted to profile, segment, and predict customer behavior in relation to delinquency. Believing that by doing so they would be able to manage the risk of default and more importantly also profile customers or segments that are most likely to complete loan payments.

This remittance company has over 3,000 locations composed of banks, pawnshops, business centers, money-changers, supermarkets, and company-owned locations.

The remittance business is very competitive. Customers are not sticky, and rarely stay with one company. To address this, the client wants to get to know their customers better and segment their customer base to serve each segment better.


  • Customer Analytics
  • Segmentation and profiling
  • RFM Analysis