Loyalty Technology, Frameworks, and Architecture

Connect your largest and most valuable customers with loyalty and reward programs specifically targeted to them. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement increases profitability, deepens customer relationships and improves customer retention.

  • Customer Engagement – Capture data every time customers engage with your brand to build a full 360-degree customer profile that can be used to personalize interactions and offerings.
  • Loyalty Program Design – Devise loyalty programs and customer retention strategies around your brand’s unique objectives and most loyal consumers.
  • Personalization – Drive customer retention by employing data to refine segments, personalize loyalty marketing and campaigns, and offer relevant rewards and benefits that promote continued engagement and spending.
  • Rewards Management – Motivate customers with various rewards and benefits to drive continued purchasing and engagement. Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement provides the flexibility to design and implement the most appropriate and effective reward strategy for your brand.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Evaluate your loyalty programs, member spend, and engagement behavior using our self-service analytics tool.



Alex Patison - Director of JAPAC CX Cloud Competency

Alex Patison is the Customer Experience specialist within Oracle’s JAPAC Competency Centre. Alex’s background spans innovation in customer experience across commercial and public sectors, customer loyalty, knowledge management, and for over 15 years Alex has been helping clients excel in the way that they service and engage with their customers. 

Alex Patison is based in Sydney, Australia, and has worked with clients across JAPAC with their Customer Experience projects. The range of clients includes travel and retail (India, Singapore, Australia), water and power utilities (Hong Kong, Australia), consumer good/manufacturing (Australia, China) as well and financial services organisations, public sector agencies and higher education across the Australia and New Zealand regions.

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